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    Disklavier Repair - Marseille France

    Disklavier Repair – Marseille France

    Piano Model: Disklavier C6 MkII

    Pictured Left – Puretech Disklavier Engineer Dan Turner. Pictured Right – Patrick Sanchez from Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory in Marseille https://mas-lma.cnrs.fr/

    This was a fascinating place to visit and work in and patrick has a very friendly and welcoming team at CNRS.

    The piano needed a number of electronic repairs and acoustic repairs carrying out which were completed over a couple of days in July.

    Michael Bublé Piano

    Michael Bublé Piano

    Picture – Manchester AO Arena. (Left) Steeve Hennessy Backline Engineer and all round awesome guy, for Michael Bublé. (Right) Dan Turner Puretech Technician. We’ve been maintaining this Yamaha C6 silent piano over the last few years whilst on Tour with Michael Buble in 2019, 2022, 2023 here in the UK in various venues across the country. Always a fun gig !

    St Mary's University

    St Mary’s University

    Picture – (Left) Dan Puretech Solutions Technician with (Right) Jon Pigrem from St Mary’s University London. We carried out a complete rebuild of a Yamaha Disklavier PSU for the Engineering Department.

    Oxford Street London

    Oxford Street London

    We were asked to install a self playing piano in a shop window in Oxford Street London

    Guildhall school of Music and Drama

    Guildhall school of Music and Drama

    February 2023 – In the Guildhall school of Music and Drama to install and setup a self playing piano for a piano masterclass linking with Asia.